Farm Stand

Get fresh-from-the-field produce

HonorHealth’s Food Services department collaborates monthly with Desert Mission to offer farm-fresh and organic produce at each of its six medical centers, available for purchase by members of the community, including patients and team members.

Seasonal and locally grown (when available) vegetables, fruit and other items are provided at an affordable price through a partnership with Sun Produce Cooperative and Stern Produce.

Items may include citrus, root vegetables, salad greens, potatoes, onions, starter herb plants, tomatoes, peppers and more!

Farm box



  • Access to nutritious foods
  • Supports nutrition education
  • Provides healthy diet choices


  • Local farmers and growers
  • Fair labor practices
  • Supports a diverse work force

Shop local

  • Sustainable food system
  • Fewer travel carbon emissions
  • Extended shelf life for produce

About our partners

Sun Produce Cooperative

Sun Produce Cooperative includes agricultural producers, distributors, buyers and market specialists. Its co-op model connects increased consumption of local food for better over-all individual and community health to farm viability and economic development. It serves children and families, restaurants, wholesalers, neighborhood grocery stores, farmers markets, schools, food banks, hospitals and others who want to provide locally grown food to their customers.

Stern Produce and Local Partners

Stern Produce has proudly served the Arizona community for since 1917. For over 100 years, its mission has remained the same, “to deliver a first-class customer experience as we supply the freshest fruits, vegetables, specialty food products and meats.”

See our list of local farms and producers (participating producers may vary monthly.)

HonorHealth and SMIL - Transition announcement

HonorHealth is expanding our joint venture with SMIL - Southwest Medical Imaging, LTD. SMIL is known for excellence in outpatient imaging and has been a long-time, trusted partner of HonorHealth. You will continue to receive high-quality imaging services before, during and after this transition.

Desert Mission Farm Stand

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