Arizona Charitable Tax Credit

For more than 90 years, HonorHealth Desert Mission has been at the heart of the community, providing services to those struggling to provide for themselves and their families. Your donation can make a real difference to those who use these programs, including the Food Bank, Adult Day Healthcare, and the Lincoln Learning Center.

HonorHealth Desert Mission is a qualifying charitable organization. Your gift will not only support these worthwhile efforts, but may also be eligible for a dollar-for-dollar Arizona tax credit.

How is a tax credit different than a deduction? A credit reduces the amount you owe in Arizona taxes, or increases your refund, by the amount you donate to Desert Mission, up to $800 (filing jointly) or $400 (filing single). No itemizing necessary! The Arizona Charitable Tax Credit is a separate credit from tax credits for schools and foster care agencies.

Create a healthier community today and receive a tax credit by visiting

Please consult your tax adviser for more information or visit the AZ Department of Revenue site at