Neighborhood Renewal

Creating Stronger Neighborhoods in Our Community

Desert Mission Neighborhood Renewal is a community development corporation dedicated to helping create healthy, safe and stable neighborhoods that can thrive. The organization serves the neighborhoods of Sunnyslope and North Mountain in central Phoenix, providing a wide range of services to community members as it works to:

  • Support the needs of local businesses.
  • Create and support affordable housing for residents.
  • Address community needs of residents and stakeholders, including streets, safety concerns, parks and infrastructure.
  • Plan for growth and opportunity.
  • Offer a calendar of regular community events.

Desert Mission Neighborhood Renewal Programs

These programs help businesses and individuals strengthen their neighborhoods from the ground up. Click on a program to read the full description.

Desert Mission Neighborhood Renewal is a HUD- Approved Housing Counseling Agency with programs designed to provide community members with comprehensive education about the home buying process and an individual’s readiness to purchase a home in Phoenix. Our program includes home buyer education, pre-purchase counseling, down payment assistance, post-purchase counseling and home maintenance courses focused primarily on our low- to moderate- income neighbors.
Provides the planning and building of “new for sale” affordable housing specifically designed for low- to moderate- income community members ready to own their own home in Sunnyslope neighborhoods.
Provides assistance to local businesses through individual assessments of strengths and challenges related to business operations and growth. Provides assistance identifying needs related to production, service delivery, human resources, growth and expansion planning, finance and accounting, marketing, and operations planning. Desert Mission Neighborhood Renewal also will assist in finding (often free) consulting services and financial partnerships to help businesses stabilize and grow.
Provides referral and counseling services to help community members through difficult housing-related transition (homeless, at-risk of homelessness, transitional age youth displacement, domestic abuse, senior housing and very low income/low- income rental housing) by identifying community resources and helping create an individual housing plan.
Provides learning opportunities for community members to gain skills, network, create opportunities and build stable families and neighborhoods. Classes currently include housing readiness programming, financial literacy and community economic development topics. Look for expanded options including work readiness, community safety and neighborhood building.
Provides funding and project management professionals to help make homes owned and occupied by vulnerable community members (very low income, seniors and those with disabilities) safe, healthy and habitable through minor exterior and major interior renovations. Project costs are provided as a forgivable soft second loan on the deed of the homeowner and are prorated to extinguish over the 15-year life of the loan.
These include efforts by Desert Mission Neighborhood Renewal to help community partners, neighborhoods, local business groups and stakeholders meet the overall needs of the community by:

  • Participating, convening and bringing partners to the community.
  • Working to assure that the interests and voice of the neighborhoods are included in the decision-making and planning of North Mountain and Sunnyslope community assets, infrastructure, transportation, land use and community resources.

Board of Directors

Tim Mullan, Chairman
HomeSmart Central

Chuck McLane, Treasurer

April Jones, Secretary
Arizona Department of Economic Security

Robert Gardiner
Northern Trust

Sheila Gerry
Community Volunteer

Paul Harris
Community Volunteer

Moazam Khan
MoD Architecture + Planning

Michael King
Gammage & Burnham

Juanita Reeves
Hakes Air Condition and Heating

Humphrey Shin

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Location and hours

Located next to the Desert Mission Food Bank (rear entrance).

Desert Mission Neighborhood Renewal
9229 N. Fourth St.
Phoenix, AZ 85020

8 a.m. – 4 p.m. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday
8 a.m. – 6 p.m. Wednesday
8 a.m. – 3 p.m. Friday